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Available from the Kanopy streaming service, FREE with your library membership.

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Free Wi-Fi

We have free Wi-Fi in our libraries! To get connected, first select the APNK Library network. The first time you connect you will need to enter the password, which is apnk2765. Once you accept the terms and conditions you can start browsing, download ebooks, message friends… enjoy! 😄

Community Libraries

In Palmerston North we don’t have just 1 Library, we have 6!!  Along with our big Central Library we have 4 Community Libraries and 1 Mobile Library.  You will find the Community Libraries dotted around our city with the Awapuni Library in with the College Street shops, Te Patikitiki next to Monrad park, Roslyn Library with the Vogel Street shops, and the Ashhurst Library in an old 120 year old Post Office building on the main street in Ashhurst.  Each location is a mini Central library offering a collection of books for children, youth and adults.  They also run regular preschool childrens sessions, school holiday programmes, and lots of varied events for adults including morning teas and book launches.

The Mobile Library has 28 regular stops around the city and visits many of our local schools.  You can find the timetable on our website.

Lucinda Riley

We heard the sad news of Lucinda Riley’s passing last week, a huge loss but she will be remembered fondly by her millions of fans especially after her success from the ‘Seven Sisters’ series. Her latest book ‘The Missing Sister’ has just been released and is on the No. 1 Bestseller list and is available in our library.

Book recommendation

I just finished reading this book and couldn’t wait to post a recommendation.

The Things We Cannot Say by Australian author Kelly Rimmer is a story about Alice and her Grandmother in her 90s who suddenly has a stroke and can no longer speak but wants to find answers to her story, a story her family does not know. It is also about Alice’s family and her journey with her son who born with autism spectrum disorder.

This story highlights the importance of sharing your stories before it is too late. It is written in the first person and I know many don’t like that but it really is good and worth giving a go.