Month: October 2022

Local History Week 2022

Local History Week 2022 runs from Sunday 30 October to Monday 7 November. It’s jam packed with opportunities for you to explore our heritage buildings in Palmy, hear from local historians, and hear from professionals who work every day to preserve our heritage – from buildings to photos, history and memories, and much more.

You can check out the programme online here, and we also have a handy brochure that you can collect from the library, or download here and print for easy reference:

Some great things you might want to check out:

Dame Vera Lynn Remembered

Taking you back in time, Vicki Lee sings hits from Dame Vera Lynn. Performance will be followed by afternoon tea. Join us in the former C M Ross tearooms, now part of the City Library.

Sunday 30 October, 3-5pm / Second Floor, Central Library

Lunchtime Talks

On every weekday of Local History Week at 12noon. All are welcome! Bring your lunch, hot drinks are provided.

  • Queen Elizabeth II in Palmerston North
  • The pox, the flu and the ‘rona
  • Palmerston North’s post-Second World War transit camps, 1945-1959
  • Earning a Crust: Faces of Work in Palmerston North’s Past
  • Archives Central
  • The Process and Self-Publishing of a Memoir

Archive Tours

We have opportunities to tour the Palmerston North City Council Archive and Massey University Archives. Discover these precious historical repositories, and meet the people who preserve history every day.

Jumping Jellybeans – Jump into the past

A great one for the littlies, we celebrate local history with some fun ‘old school’ preschool activities.

Wednesday 2 November, 10 – 11am / First Floor, Central Library

Special Event: Poets on Palmy

Join us for an evening to celebrate Palmerston North Poets and poetry. Starring Manawatū poets Tim Upperton, Tim Saunders and Jo Aitchison, with special guest James Brown (ex-Palmerston North).

Thursday 3 November, 6pm / Second Floor, Central Library

Special Event: The Forgotten Coast

Richard Shaw, Massey University, explores a personal story from our bicultural history. In his book The Forgotten Coast (2021) the author tells an old family story he was never told when growing up: that his ancestors once farmed land in Taranaki confiscated from Māori and sold to his great-grandfather, who was with the Armed Constabulary when it invaded Parihaka on 5 November 1881.

Sunday 6 November, 2 – 4pm / Second Floor, Central Library

Mina McKenzie Memorial Lecture: Stories of change and innovation in the regions: Women in New Zealand museums since the 1950s

Women now run most of the significant regional museums in New Zealand, including Te Manawa, and yet the figure of the museum director at a metropolitan level remains overwhelmingly male. This illustrated lecture focuses on the role of women in New Zealand museums and shows how they moved from honorary and voluntary roles to running museums over the 20th century.

Monday 7 November, Doors open 6.45pm, Lecture at 7pm. Te Manawa Museum Society Event. Te Rangahau Curiosity Centre, Te Manawa

Heritage building tours

Heritage sites across the city are opening their doors on Sunday 6 November for you to discover and appreciate.

Hoffman Kiln, 615 Featherston Street, 12 – 4pm

Palmerston North Electric Power Station 162 Keith Street, 12:30 – 4pm

Caccia Birch House, 130 Te Awe Awe Street, 12:30 – 4pm

You can keep touring the city’s heritage in your own time with the Manawatū Heritage Tours App.

This is just a selection of things that we have happening for Local History Week, so be sure to check out the programme above and take note of what catches your eye!

Life is What You Bake It

From zealous bakers looking for a challenge, to those looking for inspiration, to bakers just starting out and wanting to learn the basics, the City Library’s got you covered. 

The Brownie Diaries by Leah Hyslop 

Have you ever done one of those online quizzes to find out what type of brownie you most relate to? Me neither… If you’re a brownie-enthusiast like me and want more excuses for whipping up a batch of brownies for any occasion, or just want to add more indulgent brownies to your repertoire, look no further than Leah Hyslop’s The Brownie Diaries. Packed with over 50 varieties, this is the ultimate brownie book. My personal favourites are her ‘Emergency Brownie’ for when you just need a quick brownie for one and the caramel-infused ‘Payday’ brownie inspired by Millionaire’s shortbread. Yum! 

Jane’s Patisserie by Jane Dunn  

If you’ve ever spent an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through Instagram watching baking videos, you might have come across the zestful Jane Dunn and her sweet treats. This recipe book contains many of her most popular recipes as well as some exclusive creations you won’t find on Instagram. Filled with 100 delicious baked goods from cakes to slices to biscuits, those of you with a sweet tooth are sure to find something scrumptious inside. Not to disparage any previous mentions of brownies but her ‘Triple Chocolate Brownies’ is a must-try. 

Chelsea Winter’s Cookbook Range 

Avid bakers will be familiar with celebrity chef and three-time best-selling author Chelsea Winter and her extensive range of cookbooks. Covering a variety of tasty New Zealand classics like Anzac biscuits, Louise cake, and custard squares, you’ll also discover some of her brilliant new creations. All of Chelsea Winter’s books can be borrowed from our collection. Special mention goes to her ‘Oat My Goodness’ slice from Eat; a crunchy golden oat base and crumble topping with a luxuriously rich caramel filling. This slice is so sweet, you’ll want to share with others if you don’t want to end up with an upset tummy. 

Preppy Kitchen by John Kanell 

Some of you might recognise the author of this new release from his eponymous YouTube channel. John’s first-ever cookbook is just in time for the summer holidays, offering delicious twists and personal flairs on well-known classics like ‘Orange Pecan Cinnamon Rolls’ and ‘Pavlova with Orange Curd’. But it’s not just summertime favourites. Preppy Kitchen is arranged by the seasons to keep you inspired throughout the year. Pastry-experts might want to try out his ‘Passion Fruit Mille-Feuille’. You more daring types will be tempted by his ‘Chocolate Carrot Cake’. Surely dark chocolate and autumnal spices are a terrible flavour combination? Yet somehow it just works! And of course, you cannot go wrong with a thick slathering of cream cheese icing. 

Keep an eye out for more recipe books by popular YouTubers such as Cupcake Jemma, Food52, and Bigger Bolder Baking coming soon…

Stellar Books for the Look UP! Explore our Universe reading challenge

We’re journeying through space in our latest reading challenge: Look UP! Explore our Universe. Celebrating International Space Week 2022 with NASA @ My Library, we’re encouraging tamariki children to explore and read about the universe at their own pace or with a friend or family member. Here’s some great book choices, curated by librarian Kay.


Behind the scenes at the Space Station: experience life in space by Giles Sparrow

Defy gravity with an access-all-areas pass to the spectacular International Space Station with this behind-the-scenes guide to life in space.

Find it in the library.

Encyclopedia of starfighters and other vehicles by Landry Walker

Learn about more than 200 of your favourite Star Wars vehicles, from the A-wing to the Y-wing. From the swamps of Kashyyyk to the deserts of Jakku, from inner-city Coruscant to the vastness of hyperspace, Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles will show you the right craft for the job.

Find it in the library.

How to survive on Mars by Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway

Get ready for lift-off on a Martian adventure! Have you ever imagined living on another planet? What about Mars? With not enough air to breathe, sunlight to keep us warm, or any available food and water, life on Mars would be a challenge… but it just might be possible!

Find it in the library.

My book of stars and planets by Parshati Patel

Discover mysterious planets and distant galaxies on an amazing journey across the Universe. Find out about the history and future of space exploration.

Find it in the Library.

Planetarium, illustrated by Christopher Wormell

Inside the pages of this beautiful book you’ll discover galleries of galactic matter, expertly curated to bring you the experience of a fascinating museum exhibition from the comfort of your own home. Planetarium features all aspects of space, from the Sun and our Solar System, to the lives of stars, the Milky Way and the Universe beyond.

Find it in the Library.

Space, by Richard Spilsbury

Find out all about the wonders of space, from Earth and the Moon, to the solar system, Milky Way and beyond! Discover how rockets overcome gravity to blast into space, how space suits protect astronauts on space walks and how rovers and probes explore planets that are many light years from Earth.

Find it in the Library.

Space: a book of extraordinary facts by Carole Stott

Explore the stars, meteorites, and planets, take a tour on a space station, and examine a space rocket in detail. Learn surprising facts in this lively and fascinating picture book all about space.

Find it in the Library.

Space number crunch : figures, facts, and out of this world stats you need to know by Kevin Pettman

This book about space gives kids all the facts, figures, and amazing information they want to know. It’s bursting with colorful infographics and high-impact artwork. Includes Space Record Breakers, Astronauts, Galaxies, Telescopes, Space Technology, the Sun, and a Number Crunch quiz.

Find it in the Library.

Space : the facts about our Solar system edited by Lauren Smith

Zoom into space with this guide to the universe. You’ll learn everything there is to know about our Solar System, discover what it takes to become an astronaut and imagine what the future of space exploration might look like. Get your spacesuit on and prepare for lift off!

Find it in the Library.

Star Wars: complete vehicles by Kerrie Dougherty

Explore the epic Star Wars saga through incredible cross-sections. More than 100 magnificent artworks bring the vehicles of Star Wars to life. New cross-sections, amazing detail, and comprehensive text make this the ultimate reference to the craft of a galaxy far, far away.

Find it in the Library.

Super space by Clive Gifford

Bursting with fascinating facts and the latest breathtaking images, this space book brings the wonders of the Solar System to life.

Find it in the Library.

Graphic Novels & Fiction

Sardine in outer space. Vol. 5 by Emmanuel Guibert

More adventures of the mischievous girl pirate named Sardine, as she and the crew of the spaceship “Huckleberry” foil the plans of evildoers Supermuscleman and Doc Krok.

Find it in the Library.

A wrinkle in time by Madeleine L’Engle

Meg Murry and her friends become involved with unearthly strangers during a search for Meg’s father, who has disappeared while engaged in secret work for the government.

Find it in the Library.

Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee

Min, a thirteen-year-old girl with fox-magic, stows away on a battle cruiser and impersonates a cadet in order to solve the mystery of what happened to her older brother in the Thousand World Space Forces.

Find it in the Library.

Sam Wu is NOT afraid of space by Katie Tsang

I’m Sam Wu and I am not afraid of anything! And definely not space, with all its black holes, meteors and imploding stars . . So when I went to Space Camp with my friends this summer, I knew we had to: 1) be seen as the bravest space explorers and 2) win the Space Camp Challenge trophy! Easy as landing on the moon, right?

Find it in the Library.

Star Wars : 5-minute stories strike back

Collects twelve short stories from the cinematic world of Star Wars, including two tales from “Star Wars: the Last Jedi”.

Stories include: Short negotiations by Calliope Class Adventure in the arena, by S.T. Bende. The duel for peace, by Rebecca Schmidt. A journey begins, by Rebecca Schmidt. Trapped in the Death Star by Meredith Rusu and more.

Find it in the Library.

Picture books

A trip to the Moon

Blast off to the moon with Peppa and her friends! Prepare for take-off! George and his friend Edmond love pretending to be astronauts. But what will happen when they go on a trip to the moon?

Find it in the Library.

I am the universe by Vasanti Unka

It’s a starlit journey through space, from glittering galaxies to busy city streets, taking you on a tour around the universe.

Find it in the Library.

When Dad showed me the universe by Ulf Stark

A father takes his son on an evening walk to show him the entire universe. Translated from the Swedish.

Find it in the Library.

We hope this selection has you excited and ready to ocket into space! If you haven’t joind yet, it’s not too late! You can find out more and sign up here.

Together We Read

This month Palmerston North City Library is participating in Together We Read, New Zealand’s largest online book club!

Between October 13 to 27, everyone with a library card is invited to join Together We Read. With your library card, you can borrow an e-book or e-audiobook copy of New Zealand author Nikki Crutchley’s critically acclaimed novel To the Sea.

How does it work?

To join New Zealand’s largest annual online book club, you will need:

  • Your library card number (on the back of your card) and pin number
  • To download the free Libby App on your device. (from the Apple App Store or Google Play)
  • Download To the Sea by Nikki Crutchley as an ebook. It’s free and there are no holds or waiting
  • Start reading!
  • During the two weeks for reading, you can join the author Nikki Crutchley and other readers across New Zealand for online discussions.

Once you have downloaded the Libby app, get your library card and log in with the barcode number and your pin.

If you’ve forgotten your pin, give us a call on (06) 351 4100.

I need a library membership

  1. You can join at any one of our library locations. Bring in some ID and proof of your address to any one of our libraries, and we’ll sign you up. OR
  2. The fastest way to join is to sign up and participate is to for a digital membership with Palmerston North City Library
  3. The form asks you to choose a library to join – pick Palmerston North Central Library
  4. Pick ‘Digital Only Membership‘. This way, you skip the need to provide proof of your address and can use our digital resources (including Libby) straight away
  5. (You can change your digital membership to a full membership with a card if you bring proof of your address into any one of our libraries)
  6. Fill in the rest of your details, read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and click REGISTER
  7. Log in to Libby with your membership, download To The Sea (and anything else that catches your eye), and you’re all set to start reading!

If you’re stuck, give us a call on (06) 351 4100

The Story

To the Sea by Nikki Crutchley (Harper Collins) is an atmospheric, suspenseful, dark and twisty thriller in the tradition of Daphne du Maurier, Paula Hawkins, Anna Downes and JP Pomare. Longlisted for the 2022 Ngaio Marsh Award, To the Sea is compulsively readable, keeping you guessing until late into the night, described by Rose Carlyle as, “An enthralling thriller, as beautiful and deadly as an ocean storm.”

How do I participate?

You are invited to join the zoom launch with Overdrive and author Nikki Crutchley on Thursday 13 October at 7pm.

Zoom link. the passcode is 203012

Or, you can call in from your mobile or landline to listen and join in. Simply call

09 884 6780, or
03 659 0603, or
04 886 0026

Join the discussion board online, for you to chat with other people and share your thoughts on the book as you progress.

What is Libby?

The Libby App is an award-winning digital app from OverDrive, and holds the industry’s largest digital literary catalogue. Available through most local libraries across New Zealand, Libby is a free service offering access to e-books, audio books and other digital content across numerous devices including iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phones and tablets, Chromebook™, and Kobo® tablets and eReaders.

October School Holidays Week Two

WOAH – we’re about to head into week two of the October School Holidays! Halloween is coming near and we’ve got some spooky stuff to celebrate and more play outside with our mates Sport Manawatu in parks around the city. The final screening of the Brazilian Kid’s Movie Festival, and a visit from Donovan Bixley, award-winning author and illustrator of kiwi faves Squawk!, Draw Some Awesome, and Ki te moe Aotearoa.

So grab your diary and take note of what’s coming up – we’ll see you here!

Monday 10 October

Look Up! Explore Our Universe! Reading Challenge

From 1 to 31 October, blast into a new reading challenge to celebrate International Space Week 2022. With NASA at My Library, explore and read about the universe at your own pace, and earn online badges along the way.

Find out more and sign up here.

Grab and Go Activity Pack: Spooktacular Halloween Fun

Central Library; Main Desk, first floor.

Get your Halloween started a little early with some craft bits and bobs. It’s a whole bag of Spooktacular fun!

Grab and Go packs are available in limited numbers

Aimed at ages 5+

Tuesday 11 October

Canine Friends Pet Therapy Visit

Central Library; Children’s Zone, 2-3pm

Come read to our dog pals from Canine Friends Pet Therapy. They’re excellent listeners!

Pop-up Play with Sport Manawatū

Te Pātikitiki Library; 157 Highbury Ave, 2-3:30pm

Let’s have some fun in our local parks with the crew from Sport Manawatū.

Don’t forget to slip, slop and wrap!

Wednesday 12 October

Pop-up Play with Sport Manawatū

Terrace End School, 10-12noon

Let’s have some fun in our local parks with the crew from Sport Manawatū.

Don’t forget to slip, slop and wrap!

Brazilian Kids Movie Festival – Turma da Monica, Uma Aventura no Tempo/ Monica’s Gang in an Adventure in Time

Central Library; Mezzanine, 10:30am – 12noon

Our heroes need to take a trip in a Time Machine, to recoup the essence of the four elements before the Earth gets frozen. The Gang will face the dangers of the Ancient History.

Find out more about the Brazilian Kid’s Movie Festival.

Te Pātikitiki Rocks!

Te Pātikitiki Library, 57 Highbury Ave. 11am – 12:30pm.

Rock painting for all. We have all the stuff, so come along and paint up some rocks with us.

Please bring stones to paint if you have them.

Free event.

Pop-up Play with Sport Manawatū

Village Valley Centre; Ashhurst, 2-4pm

Let’s have some fun in our local parks with the crew from Sport Manawatū.

Don’t forget to slip, slop and wrap!

Thursday 13 October

See Award Winning Illustrator Donovan Bixley in Action

Central Library; Children’s Zone, 2-3pm

In this fun family event Donovan will read from his books and share his best drawing tips and ideas for budding artists. PLUS, be the first in the world to get your paws on Donovan’s brand new full colour Flying Furballs annual/comic book Take-Off! from Paper Plus Palmerston North.

Donovan Bixley is the author/illustrator of several award winning books. Find a selection of his work at the Library.

Friday 14 October 2022

Freaky Friday – Spooktacular Halloween Story Time

Central Library, Children’s Zone, 10 – 11am

Scary, spooky, and strange stories to fright and delight. Dress up in your Halloween costume if you dare and come join in the fun. Aimed at ages 5+

Bring your Hell Reading Pizza Wheels along to do a book chat after, or grab a wheel to start!

Pop-up Play with Sport Manawatū

Awapuni Park, 10am-12noon

Let’s have some fun in our local parks with the crew from Sport Manawatū.

Don’t forget to slip, slop and wrap!

We hope you had an out-of-this-world school holidays! If you want to keep the good times rolling, our Reading Challenge is still open for new registrations. It’s not too late to jump aboard the space ship, so sign up here.