Life is What You Bake It

From zealous bakers looking for a challenge, to those looking for inspiration, to bakers just starting out and wanting to learn the basics, the City Library’s got you covered. 

The Brownie Diaries by Leah Hyslop 

Have you ever done one of those online quizzes to find out what type of brownie you most relate to? Me neither… If you’re a brownie-enthusiast like me and want more excuses for whipping up a batch of brownies for any occasion, or just want to add more indulgent brownies to your repertoire, look no further than Leah Hyslop’s The Brownie Diaries. Packed with over 50 varieties, this is the ultimate brownie book. My personal favourites are her ‘Emergency Brownie’ for when you just need a quick brownie for one and the caramel-infused ‘Payday’ brownie inspired by Millionaire’s shortbread. Yum! 

Jane’s Patisserie by Jane Dunn  

If you’ve ever spent an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through Instagram watching baking videos, you might have come across the zestful Jane Dunn and her sweet treats. This recipe book contains many of her most popular recipes as well as some exclusive creations you won’t find on Instagram. Filled with 100 delicious baked goods from cakes to slices to biscuits, those of you with a sweet tooth are sure to find something scrumptious inside. Not to disparage any previous mentions of brownies but her ‘Triple Chocolate Brownies’ is a must-try. 

Chelsea Winter’s Cookbook Range 

Avid bakers will be familiar with celebrity chef and three-time best-selling author Chelsea Winter and her extensive range of cookbooks. Covering a variety of tasty New Zealand classics like Anzac biscuits, Louise cake, and custard squares, you’ll also discover some of her brilliant new creations. All of Chelsea Winter’s books can be borrowed from our collection. Special mention goes to her ‘Oat My Goodness’ slice from Eat; a crunchy golden oat base and crumble topping with a luxuriously rich caramel filling. This slice is so sweet, you’ll want to share with others if you don’t want to end up with an upset tummy. 

Preppy Kitchen by John Kanell 

Some of you might recognise the author of this new release from his eponymous YouTube channel. John’s first-ever cookbook is just in time for the summer holidays, offering delicious twists and personal flairs on well-known classics like ‘Orange Pecan Cinnamon Rolls’ and ‘Pavlova with Orange Curd’. But it’s not just summertime favourites. Preppy Kitchen is arranged by the seasons to keep you inspired throughout the year. Pastry-experts might want to try out his ‘Passion Fruit Mille-Feuille’. You more daring types will be tempted by his ‘Chocolate Carrot Cake’. Surely dark chocolate and autumnal spices are a terrible flavour combination? Yet somehow it just works! And of course, you cannot go wrong with a thick slathering of cream cheese icing. 

Keep an eye out for more recipe books by popular YouTubers such as Cupcake Jemma, Food52, and Bigger Bolder Baking coming soon…