Month: June 2021

The Old RSA Soldier’s club

Image depicts 'Now and then' feature with old and new depictions of the CM Ross building in Palmerston North.

You probably know this majestic old Palmerston North Building better as Cafe Cuba, but it was originally built for the Manawatu Patriotic Society as the Soldier’s Club. It was completed in 1917 to a design from the firm of L G West & Son and was used by the RSA until 1966.

This slider compares 1979 and 2021.

Manawatū Heritage image 2009N_Bc162_BUI_2408 (Manawatū Evening Standard – Stuff Limited) compared with image 2021BD_IMCA-DigitalArchive_034735

The second image was taken in 2021 by Caleb, Sam and Natalie of the Manawatū Home Educator’s network as part of a session with the Heritage team at Palmerston North City Library. They went out to Cuba Street with an iPad specifically to take this photo so we could use it in this image compare slider. Well done team!

Lucinda Riley

We heard the sad news of Lucinda Riley’s passing last week, a huge loss but she will be remembered fondly by her millions of fans especially after her success from the ‘Seven Sisters’ series. Her latest book ‘The Missing Sister’ has just been released and is on the No. 1 Bestseller list and is available in our library.

Book recommendation

I just finished reading this book and couldn’t wait to post a recommendation.

The Things We Cannot Say by Australian author Kelly Rimmer is a story about Alice and her Grandmother in her 90s who suddenly has a stroke and can no longer speak but wants to find answers to her story, a story her family does not know. It is also about Alice’s family and her journey with her son who born with autism spectrum disorder.

This story highlights the importance of sharing your stories before it is too late. It is written in the first person and I know many don’t like that but it really is good and worth giving a go.