Month: August 2021

The City Library under Level 3

Yellow background with black letters saying "City Library Update"

Kia ora koutou, hi everyone.

All City Library locations including Blueprint and Youth Space are closed under Level 3.

Please note under Level 3:

  • There are no overdue fees or fines – please hold onto your Library materials until we are open.
  • All programmes and activities are cancelled.
  • The mobile bus is off the road.
  • Home service is suspended.
  • All book bins and book return slots are closed.

We encourage you to get the Government’s NZ Tracer app to record your movement.

Thank you for all your assistance and patience helping us keep you, your whānau, our communities and our team safe.

For more information please see:

Lockdown reads – Camino Island

Lockdown Reads  – John Grisham – Camino Island

I wish I’d had a moment to race around the library, in those moments before lockdown, and scoop dozens of books from the shelves. I would have been like one of those people who win the supermarket or hardware store “Ten Minute Trolley Grab” or whatever they call those things. Manic and desperate.

Fortunately, I do have a “to-read” shelf of books here at home, so I have some reading material. There are too many books on that shelf.

As a side note, two or three years back, I made a conscious decision to read through those books. Years of having thirty or so books waiting to be read seems like something therapists might consider worthy of long conversations about my missing pieces.

Despite that intention (to read through them) the number of books on the shelf has not shrunk. As I’ve read the books and put them aside, new volumes have taken their place.

I suppose the therapist might call this “magpie behaviour”. I have a friend who lumps it in with the “Ooooh, shiny!” category (which I guess amount to the same thing).

I am told that is something many people share.

Lockdown, however, is keeping me from purchasing replacement shelf-filler, and having me read some of these books.

One that sat for a while was John Grisham’s Camino Island. This came out in 2017, though I’m pretty sure I only bought it last year. Maybe the year before.

Grisham is known for his legal thrillers. You know the kind of thing, a junior lawyer finds herself confronted by the borderline policies of the firm and takes on a case that challenges plenty of moral scruples and she ends up going in to bat for the underdog.

Camino Island is something different. It’s about rare books and theft and double-crossing and a fabulous island, with barely a lawyer, courtroom or judge in sight.

On the back it has the text; “Just when you think you know Grisham, he surprises you”. I guess that’s meant as a warning for those expecting a legal thriller.

The writing is pacey, the story engaging and the characters lively, complex and likeable. Likeable for the most part.

The City Library does have copies, in regular print, in large print and as an audiobook.

There’s a sequel too, Camino Winds, set in the same location, with some of the same characters. The library also has copies of that.

There are numerous other Grisham books which steer away from the legal thriller too, Skipping Christmas, Playing for Pizza, Bleachers, and available through the library (those last two as ebooks, so, assuming they’re not out on loan, they’re available during lockdown).

By Sean Monaghan

Together We Read

‘Scrublands’ by Chris Hammer is the book for the next Together We Read book club. This book will be added to Libby as an eBook and eAudiobook for you to borrow by the end of the day on August 31st. It will be available for all who want it so no need to place a hold on it. If you want to join in the discussion for this book check out AUNZ – OverDrive’s Together We Read. This will be available from September 1st-15th.

Lockdown reads

Like everyone else, I was not prepared with a mountain of library books for the latest lockdown. I have enjoyed the great selection of books on Libby and Borrow Box, but I have also dug into my own collection of books and read some old favourites.

‘The Bronze Horseman’ by Paullina Simons, is one of my all time favourite books. It starts in Leningrad on the day Russia enters World War 2. As it is based during the war, there is no surprise (and not a spoiler!) that I always end up reaching for the tissues each time I read it.

I like historical fiction books. I call them ‘Titanic books’ as they are books based on a real life situations but with fictional characters. I have learnt a lot about history this way – some facts have been very useful for quiz nights or random bits of trivia on road trips. 😊

‘The Bronze Horseman’ is available in our library, but if you can’t wait for us to open at Level 2 you can get a copy from Libby.

Auckland writers festival


10 – 15 MAY 2022
The Auckland Writers Festival isn’t until May next year but until then you can visit Auckland Writers Festival • 10-15 May 2022 where you can view a large archive of videos and podcasts on their ‘Look, Listen & Learn’ page. You can view past events such as those from Nigella Lawson, Peter Williams, Patricia Grace and Arundhati Roy. You can also stream the podcasts from ‎Auckland Writers Festival on Apple Podcasts and Auckland Writers Festival | Podcast on Spotify


Thank you Libby!

Libby is one of our apps to access eBooks, eAudiobooks and digital magazines for free using your library card. A great option to be able to borrow books from the comfort of your home.

I had to say a big THANKS to Libby the other night. I couldn’t sleep and I was able to access lots of books to read without having to turn on a light or disturb anyone in our house. It was awesome. So, thanks Libby! 😁

City Library mobile app

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Search for Palmerston North City Library in your app store. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Get your learning on!

The Great Courses bring you the best in online education with videos and lectures by the world’s greatest professors.

Available from the Kanopy streaming service, FREE with your library membership.

If you already use Kanopy then you’ll be pleased to know the Great Courses do not count towards your viewing credits.

And if you don’t use Kanopy, you probably don’t know that you have access to over 30,000 amazing movies for FREE! What are you waiting for?!?!

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