Month: March 2021


Lung did quite well for themselves back in the day. Main Lung guy Dave White ran The Stomach for a while, and he was always anarchically encouraging, and ready to push you into doing something musically weird if you felt like it. (Anecdotes in the comments, please!) Far-flung Lung toured overseas, and I seem to recall they did well in some European countries. Anyway, come 2021 and they said “let’s do that stuff again”, so they did a tour of Aotearoa. I’m told that all the energy and attitude from the Nineties was still present and correct!

News from the Ian Matheson City Archives

Recently the Ian Matheson City Archives received a fantastic donation of photographs from Morrison’s Pharmacy in Awapuni. Many of the photographs chart the development and growth of the pharmacy itself, but there are also images of the shopping centre and local area. This a welcome addition as a business archive and it adds to our limited collection of historical images of our suburbs.

Records of suburbs is a significant gap in our collections, so if you have any records and photographs that show life in the outer city over the years the Heritage team love to talk with you. Phone them at 06 351 4100 or send them an email.