Random Poetry Generator!

The next time you’re in the Library and think ‘I could really use a quick, randomly generated poem right now’, we’ve got you covered!

The Poetry Machine has been coded to randomly select and print a poem from submissions received after we put out a call on Facebook. The ‘machine’ is a repurposed receipt printer linked to a Raspberry Pi and a giant red button (just because). It is housed in a gorgeous old record player box. It’s designed to be ‘plug and play’ so wherever we put it, people will be able to print themselves a random poem to enjoy. 

At present, we have about 60 poems from a range of submitters (newbies through to experienced poets, school children to more mature folk).

The Poetry Machine will be at the Central Library from Wednesday 13th December for about a month (excluding our closed period for the holidays).

Thanks to the poets who submitted. We’re sure your words will delight and inspire!