Library Hack: Keyboard shortcuts

The wonderful team at the Tauranga Libraries shared with us this really helpful sheet on common shortcuts for the keyboard. We updated it and added some more – it doesn’t have everything but does have some common useful shortcuts.

WARNING! Geek Level = High

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CTRL + CCopy the highlighted text, picture or file
CTRL + XCut the highlighted text, picture or file
CTRL + VPaste the copied or cut text, picture or file
CTRL + ZUndo any action
CTRL + SHIFT + ZRedo last action
CTRL + SSave file or document
ALT + TABSwitch between open windows
CTRL + TABSwitch between open tabs in web browser
CTRL + SHIFT + TReopen a closed tab in web browser
CTRL + FSearch for a specific word or phrase in any document or web page
SHIFT + ARROW KEYSHighlight text
CTRL + ALT + DELAdvanced options like Task Manager, Shutdown and Restart
WINDOWS + LLock the computer screen
WINDOWS + DDesktop toggle
WINDOWS + .Emoji extravaganza 😎

Click the keyboard image below to enlarge it