Crime and Thrillers are interfiled

In the Central Library’s Adult Fiction area, the Crime and Thriller books (Paki Taihara and Paki Pohopā) have now been interfiled. The books will retain their Living Room (genre) labels, to give you an indication of what’s inside, and to help with making a quick selection. Paperbacks on the spinner stands and books in the Returned Today section remain separated, as these are not in alphabetical order, so separation makes them quicker to search through.

The same thing happened with Romance and Sagas (Paki Whaiāipo and Paki Hautoa Toro Whārahi) some time ago, and has proven to be worthwhile.

This move was triggered by a few factors.

For one thing, the genres do have some overlap already, in many cases. Looking for a thrilling crime read? We’ve got you covered!

We feel that there’s a good chance the readership overlaps a bit too, so we hope that this move helps you discover some new favourite authors. One of the staff involved in the move said she usually reads Crime, but when moving the books, she discovered some Thriller authors she wanted to read.

Finally, sometimes the Library will buy a Thriller book that is being marketed by the publisher as a Mystery/Crime book, or vice versa. By interfiling them, we aim to increase your chances of finding a book that you love.

The Living Room concept of shelving books by genre was enacted in the Palmerston North City Library when the current Central Library building was opened in 1996. Over the years, the concept has been tweaked sometimes, to respond to customers’ needs. We hope that this latest tweak helps you increase your TBR (To Be Read) pile!