Audiobook review: ‘Tim and Tigon’ by Tim Cope

One of our wonderful Awapuni Library volunteers submitted this review.

Tim Cope, a young Australian adventurer, had a childhood dream: to replicate the journey of Genghis Khan from Mongolia to Hungary, a distance of 10,000 kilometres. With extremely limited experience in horse riding and planning the best he could he began his ride, a journey that would take him 3 years to complete. Not long into his trip he met a dog called Tigon and despite efforts to return him to his home Tigon made it clear he was coming along. Together they endured searing heat, freezing cold and long, lonely nights when wolves circled their camp. Through it all, the wild beauty of the landscape and the warm hospitality of the people they encountered, encouraged them to persevere. Few of us will go on such a wild adventure so it was a pleasure to ride with Tim and Tigon on their long journey.  This is the story of an old style adventure and of a very special friendship. It is well worth reading. 

Tim and Tigon’ is available as a book on CD, and as an e-audiobook on Borrowbox.