Month: September 2021

Women’s Prize for Fiction winner

Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi has won the Women’s Prize for Fiction. Piranesi is a mind-boggling book, a philosophical work that might just make you question your own reality. It’s quite different from her earlier work Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell but no less… shall we say dreamlike? Piranesi is about a man trapped in a crumbling labyrinth, but then again, maybe it isn’t about that at all. Personally I think it’s about how our minds work, and how we can be persuaded to think things. Congratulations to Susanna!

You can watch the acceptance speech here.

And you can reserve the book from the Palmerston North City Library here.

Waiata Anthems Week 2021

Separate from, but aligned with, Maori Language Week, Waiata Anthems Week brings you top musicians from Aotearoa playing sublime music and singing in te reo Maōri.

Their mission: “An industry-wide initiative, Waiata Anthems Week will be a celebration of the best new waiata and a chance to honour the champions and pioneers of te reo Māori who paved the way for future generations, supporting the emergence of a truly bilingual musical landscape.”

Here’s the website, where you’ll find links to the music on various platforms.

And don’t forget that Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori runs from Mahuru (September) 13th – 19th. Get some inspiration from the Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori website.

Kia kaha te reo Māori!

That time we read The Lord of The Rings

Yes, way back in Common Era 2000, library staff plus fellow enthusiasts (including LOTR actor John Rhys-Davies) accepted the challenge of reading The Lord of the Rings in its entirety. It took several days, and it was all filmed on good old VHS tapes, which are probably still hanging around somewhere.

Has anyone else come across memorabilia like this while tidying up their house during Lockdown..? (I even still have my invitation to the opening of the “new” Library in 1996!)


Missing our Food and Drink books?

I love looking through recipe books and the food magazines. In our library I can not seem to walk past the trolley of food books without stopping to have a ‘quick’ look through. Who doesn’t like food? Sadly with our library closed at the moment I don’t have access to the great book selection on our food shelves. One solution is looking at the great selection of magazines on Pressreader.

Pressreader is one of our digital resources available for free using your library card. You can find a link for it here Magazines & Newspapers • Palmerston North City Library (

Another idea is to dig out my well used recipe books. Check out my Edmonds cookbook. I can proudly say all pages are there and are in order, they just don’t look very pretty anymore. Though it makes it easy to find what recipes are good: they are the dirty pages!

Versions Tuarua Writing Craft Session – Setting

This event is online – It will take place at any alert level.

  • Thursday, 9 September 2021, 7:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Zoom meeting Online

Accessible with Zoom or a web browser.

Local writers come together for the “Versions” project. A single prompt and a wide array of versions from that.

As part of the Palmerston North City Library’s focus on Kupu, and aligned with the submissions call for writers and other creatives for the library’s upcoming publication Versions Tuarua, we’re running online sessions with a focus on the writing craft.

Setting: how setting can make your writing rich and immersive. An interactive session with time for questions and answers.

Email for the Zoom meeting link. You’ll be able to use the app, or just go through a web browser.

Lockdown content wanted!

We want your Covid Content!

Its lockdown again and we are all experiencing life a little bit differently. Manawatū Heritage is looking for content that you have created showing life as it is in your bubble in 2021. Go to and you can upload your movies,  photos, audio, etc, yourself, or send it to the Heritage team with a few details and we can upload it for you Come on, lets make history together!